Understanding biomolecules through chemistry.


We are a small team of talented graduate students, post docs, and undergraduate researchers from various backgrounds.

Phil Dawson

Professor of Chemistry & Dean of Graduate Studies

Phil received an A.B. (1992) in Chemistry from Washington University, and Ph.D. (1996) from Scripps Research under the guidance of Steve Kent. After pursuing postdoctoral work at Caltech, he returned to Scripps as an Assistant Professor in 1997. Professor Dawson is a pioneer of chemoselective ligation methods for macromolecule synthesis and modification and has applied these tools broadly to better understand biological systems.

Email me: dawson@scripps.edu

Zoë Adams

Graduate Student, Second Year

Zoë received her B.S. in Chemical Biology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 where she worked in the Matthew Francis lab developing a screening system for selective metal chelating peptoid sequences. Since coming to Scripps, Zoë has pursued structural and kinetic characterization and biological applications of both stapled peptide macrocycles and hydrogel competent peptides. In her free time, she likes to ski and be outdoors as much as possible.

Email me: zadams@scripps.edu

Mike Bird

Graduate Student, Fourth year

Michael received his B.S. in Biochemistry and Applied Mathematics from Tufts University in 2016, where he worked in the lab of Joshua Kritzer. After completing his PhD he hopes to pursue research opportunities in biotech or pharmaceuticals. In the Dawson lab he works on expanding Native Chemical Ligation technologies and developing methods to create novel products by Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis. He spends most of his free time in his kitchen trying out new methods and recipes.

Email me: mbird@scripps.edu

Dillon Flood

Graduate Student, Fourth year

Dillon received his B.S. in chemical biology from The University of California, Berkeley in 2016, where he worked in the lab of Ron Zuckermann at LBNL. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Scripps Research under the supervision of Prof. Phil Dawson. At Scripps, his research concerns developing chemical reactions for use on biomolecules.

Email me: dflood@scripps.edu

Leonard Yoon

Graduate Student, Second Year

Leonard received his B.A. in chemistry and statistics from Amherst College in 2018. He is a joint graduate student between the Dawson and Kelly labs. In the Dawson lab, Leonard is using solid phase peptide synthesis and sequential native chemical ligation with desulfurization to synthesize D-space proteins for use as robust, proteolysis resistant biological tools. Outside of lab, Leonard is a clarinetist in the Coastal Communities Concert Band and plays tennis at UCSD most weekends.

Email me: yoonl@scripps.edu

Xiang Fu

Graduate Student, Second Year

Xiang received his B.S. in pharmaceutical sciences from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2018. He is a joint student between the Dawson and Lerner Labs. In the Dawson lab, Xiang has pursued the development of DNA-compatible chemical reactions in both aqueous and RASS manifolds. In his spare time, Xiang is either cooking in the kitchen or traveling.

Email me: xiafu@scripps.edu

Lab Alumni

NameDawson Lab TitleMost Recent Known Position
Assem, NailaResearch AssociateSenior Scientist, Bolt Threads
Balambika, RemaResearch AssociateProfessor, Department of Chemistry, CUNY Staten Island
Boddy, Christopher NoyceResearch AssociateDirector, Biochemistry Program and Professor, University of Ottawa
Brik, AshrafResearch AssociateProfessor, Technion Israel Institute of Technology 
Brunel, Florence MResearch AssociateSenior Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk
Churchill, Michael JResearch AssociateProduct Manager, Azuma Inc.
Cistrone, Philip AGraduate StudentScientist, 1859 Inc.
Culhane, JeffResearch AssociatePrincipal Investigator – CMC, Neurocrine Biosciences
Dimitrijevic, ElenaResearch AssociateMedical Science Liason, Allergan
Dirksen, AnoukResearch AssociateDirector – Bioconjugation, Mersana Therapeutics
Ferreira, DavidResearch TechnicianGraduate Student, University of Washington
Ingale, SampatResearch AssociateAssociate Principal Scientist, Exploratory Science Center Cambridge at Merck
Manjappara, Uma VenkateswaranResearch AssociateAssistant Professor, Central Food Technological Research Institute, india
Muttenthaler, MarkusResearch AssociateAssociate Professor, University of Vienna
Neidre, ChrisGraduate StudentPresident, Meadowbrook Educational Foundation
Offer, John LawrenceResearch AssociateSynthetic Protein Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute
Olson, ErikaGraduate
Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Dept of Systems Biology
Palomo Ruiz, Maria Del ValleResearch AssociateJunior Leader, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CIB-CSIC), Madrid, Spain
Reichart, TimothyGraduate StudentScientist, EPFL, Switzerland
Sample, TheresaGraduate StudentPatent Agent, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Carlsbad, California
Schroeder, Ingrid ChristinaResearch AssociateARC Future Fellow, Inst for Mol Bioscience, University of Queensland and Co-Chair, Australian Peptide Association
Silvestri, AnthonyGraduate StudentScientist, Unnatural Products
Thompson, Darren A.Research AssociateFounder, Peptidaho
Topert, FlorianResearch AssociateMaiwald Patentanwalts GmbH 
Yan, Liang ZengResearch AssociatePatent Attorney, Purdue Research Foundation
Zhang, Xuejing*Research AssociateAssistant Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
Zhou, XinResearch AssociateAssociate Director – Analytical Sciences, Tanvex Biopharma USA Inc.
* Baran Lab Collaboration